Voice and Accent

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Voice and Accent

Voice and Accent

Accent is a characteristic pronunciation especially determined by the regional of social background of the speaker. There are different accents like American, British, and Australian etc… But, I Seven’s aim is not to teach you a particular accent but to neutralize & globalize your Accent.

There exists no language the spoken form of which can be learnt directly from its written form. This is so because no language is written exactly as it is spoken. Individuals need to work on different sounds produced by different alphabets but Working on individual sounds is not the most important thing you can do to improve your accent; the most important thing you can do to improve your accent is to work on your prosody.  Prosody is the larger patterns of a language, like rhythm, tone/intonation, and pausing.  Prosody varies from language to language, and in English, prosody is used to convey emotion.

Aims and Objectives

After I Seven’s Voice and accent training most people can see a noticeable difference in their speech after couple of months or so of practice (try to practice a little everyday).  Honestly, changing your accent takes a lot of work – there is no “magic bullet” (instant cure) for accents.  Improving your accent involves not only learning rules about speech, but also practicing these rules until they become automatic.

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