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I Seven India is a training firm powered by professionals with a combined (Senior Management) experience in international markets with Multinational and Global companies. I Seven India Training solutions has been conducting training programs for Multinational and Global Corporates in the areas of IT, Software, Banking, learning centers.

With the objective of serving the Student and corporates Community by…
  • Improving their skill level, and thereby
  • Enhancing their employability
We have designed the following programs -
  • Elite Communication (Foundation & Intermediate)
  • Elite Presentation
  • Elite Conversation.
Through these programs, we wish to help the students and corporates:
  • on the concepts of business communication,
  • on how to approach an interview,
  • on how to deal with a group in a discussion
  • On interesting and important aspects of the IT, financial and banking industry which is so very important to know in today’s business world.
I Seven India, offers a practical and hands on training to the participants. Yes there are other institutes offering similar courses. Some of them offer only an English speaking course. But we will train by focused attention -
  • Keeping the strength of the class at 15 participants per batch, so that better individual attention can be given to each and every participant.
  • This training is provided by professionals with rich corporate experience there by making you better prepared for meeting job opportunities all the participants
    • get intensively trained
    • get an opportunity to speak, during every session,
    • Get an opportunity to speak and listen to 120 different topics during the training.
    • Demonstrate in front of the class and the trainers.
  • The trainers will guide and make corrections wherever necessary and help the participants, get over the fear of speaking and conversation.
This English course is a foundation course, focused on improving Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Construction of sentences, by understanding the basics of grammar. We will build your confidence to speak well. You will need to practice more in real life to achieve perfection.
You will learn English as used in the business environment. We will train you to approach an interview and a group discussion more effectively. Will put you through practice sessions and offer you feedback on your performance. With a combination of all these, we will help you be ready to face any job interview confidently and also face strangers and converse with them on any subject. Simulated Selection Process.
No. We do not believe in discounting our fees. We have taken great care to see that your training needs are done in the best affordable rates possible and with this view in mind we have offered the same to you.
We strongly recommend, all the courses are worth signing up for.
We will assist you in finding a job by referring your profile to the organizations. We will arrange 2 interviews for you.
This course can be taken when you enter your third year of degree course. But we suggest that you start in the second year of degree, as it would give you more time to practice and build your confidence.
We will offer refresher courses on a need basis and we will announce the same as and when we plan it.
We have assessment parameters and we will carefully monitor you during the training. Though this is not an examination, we must also have strict standards of performance, so that you also get a good value for the money you spend. So over the sessions of training, we will watch you and guide you enough to help you improve. However, as we all know “practice makes a man perfect”, we sincerely request you all to constantly practice whatever you learn during the training session to keep on improving yourself.
Yes. We will give a certificate of participation and training, which you could show as a proof of being trained, to your employers.
We also offer other courses in Soft skills, IT and software trainings services.. We specialize in building courses to meet specific requirements of organizations.

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